Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview
Established in 1997, Fuk Yuen Group has its first Chinese hot pot restaurant, Fuk Yuen Hot Pot & Seafood Restaurant, and expanded its business among Hong Kong rapidly. To increase the group competitive, it devotes its effort in manpower training and enhances the quality control and operation management system. The group believes it is the honor to provide a quality catering service to the dinners, therefore the group attempt to develop the all-round characteristic makes everything perfect in great detail.

Brands under Fuk Yuen Group
Established in 1997, Fuk Yuen Group had set up its first Chinese hot pot restaurant, "Fuk Yuen Hot Pot & Seafood Restaurant", and expanded its business among Hong Kong. In 2004, Fuk Yuen Group created another new brand, "Golden City Seafood Restaurant", to explore the banquet market. With the high rapid development of Fuk Yuen Group in recent years, it offers a diversified Chinese catering service. The group has opened various Chinese restaurants with renowned brand such as "Fuk Yuen Port", "Fuk Yuen Hot Pot", "Golden City Banquet", "Classic in Shun Tak"and "O-mart Deli".

Corporate Culture
Fuk Yuen is a "Human-based" and "Innovative" enterprise. To make sure that all the Fuk Yuen staff is approaching the same target with the group, we devote to improve our management system and provide sufficient training to enhance the knowledge and skills of our staff. Besides, we gain 5S Certificate from Hong Kong 5S Association in 2003. The Quality Tourism Service Mark and Q Mark obtain in 2004 and 2005 too.

Corporate Mission
For years, we strive for providing our customers with excellent services, products and environment, so that our customers, our staff and our shareholders can enjoy the greatest benefits. We believe these are the most critical factors for a catering enterprise to success.